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Politecnico di Milano is a state scientific-technological university established in 1863 which trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. Education is at bachelor, master’s, and PhD level. Currently more than 1,300 professors and researchers work at University and 42,000 students study in 7 different campuses.  Polimi is one of the leading Italian research centres characterized by the combination of theoretical bases of excellence and first-rate research infrastructures providing the possibility of wide variety of experimental research. Polimi is organized in 12 Departments including all main areas of engineering, architecture and industrial design.

Unity involved. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is top research-level department for mechanical engineering in Europe. The research fields mainly regard: system mechanics, machine design, technical materials, mechanical technologies, mechanical plants and logistics, mechanical measurements, robotics and vehicle design.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been awarded as "Department of Excellence" from the Ministry of Education. One of the major scientific interest at Department of Mechanical Engineering @ Politecnico di Milano, is the structural integrity of mechanical/power generation and aerospace components.






The University of Brescia offers a wide range of educational programs with Bachelor and Master of Science (MSc) degrees, postgraduate technical courses, specialization schools and Ph.D. programs in most areas: business and economics, engineering and technology, law, medicine and surgery, dentistry. With its 550 permanent academic staff, offers 24 undergraduate Degree programs, 17 postgraduate and 7 Doctoral Degree programs. In 2017, about 14700 students were enrolled. At present, Università degli Studi di Brescia counts more than 160 active financed research projects, 40 international and 120 nationally funded projects. 

Unity involved. The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (DIMI) is active in high level basic and applied research in all of the mechanical engineering branches, certified by many publications on international journals. Specific skills have been developed through about twenty research laboratories. In particular, the laboratories involved in the project will be: the RCLab (cyclic contact testing of materials under various environmental and operational conditions), the FEMAST (Laboratory of Finite Element Modeling and Structural Analysis), and the MMTLab (Laboratory of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements).







INSA Lyon is an Engineering School dedicated to Applied Sciences, mainly in engineering, and operates a fully integrated Education, Research and Innovation approach. Organised around 5 thematic fields involving 23 laboratories, research at INSA Lyon involves over 700 researchers and professors, 610 Ph.D. students and carries over a thousand industrial contracts and 200 funded research projects.

Unity involved. MATEIS is one of the 21 laboratories of INSA Lyon and one of the largest, the name stands for Materials Engineering and Science. In the last fifteen years, the laboratory MATEIS has pioneered the use of X ray tomography for the characterisation of damage in structural materials. Currently, high resolution X ray tomography is the only non destructive technique which can provide “directly” three dimensional (3D) images of the interior of optically opaque materials on “reasonably large” (millimetric) samples with a spatial resolution comparable to that of optical microscopy.





The Free University of Bolzano-Bozen is located in one of the most fascinating European regions, at the crossroads between the German-speaking and Italian economies and cultures. Its trilingualism in teaching and research, its high level of internationalisation as well as an ideal study environment guaranteed by its excellent facilities are some of the reasons why UniBZ regularly reaches top positions in national and international rankings.

Unity involved. In the Faculty of Science and Technology, 21 lecturers and a constantly growing number of researchers teach and carry out research in the fields of agricultural science, environmental management, mechanical and industrial engineering, energy, logistics and production and basic sciences.





ARGO SRL is a consulting company founded in  August 2014 by two junior researchers with a relevant previous experience at Politecnico di Torino, Italian technical university. ARGO operates in the fields of Innovation Management (IM) and technical consultancy, with strong know-how in materials and manufacturing processes simulation and optimization. ARGO offers engineering and management services related to R&D activities to for-profit and public companies (e.g. universities, public clusters,…).

ARGO SRL core business is, today, providing Innovation Management services in the industrial field for the development and qualification of new processes or solving relevant industrial technical problems; acting as technical support and problem solvers during the Innovation processes ARGO makes large exploitation of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) opensource systems (CFD, FEM, Topology Optimization,..) as well as smart management tools.




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